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New faculty join Lyles College of Engineering

This spring 2017 semester brought new and innovative faculty to Lyles College of Engineering in the disciplines of civil, computer and electrical engineering.

Dr. Anu Aggarwal is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Her educational credentials include the medical MBBS degree (MD equivalent) from India, Masters in Public Health from Harvard University, B.Engg from University of Manchester, UK, and PhD from University of Maryland, College Park. She has previously worked at Intel, Purple Wrap – a medical startup, and Texas A&M University. Her current research interests are neuromorphic VLSI design, computational neuroscience and biomedical devices. Aggarwal

“I chose Fresno State and Lyles College of Engineering because I wanted to be close to teaching and education while still being able to do research.  Also, Fresno has a great library which is a good resource for teaching and research. Last but not the least; I love California, its culture and people.”

StillmakerDr. Aaron Stillmaker joined Lyles College as Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He earned the M.S. and Ph.D. from UC Davis and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Fresno State. His research interests include many-core processor architectures, VLSI Design, and parallel sorting algorithms. Dr. Stillmaker has previously interned at Intel Labs in Hillsboro, OR and has also worked as Assistant Professor at CSU Fullerton.

“I am most looking forward to interacting with the driven and diverse students at Fresno State. Having been at a number of institutions, I feel that Fresno State has a very unique student body, and I am looking forward to both continuing my scholarly research with these students and helping them in their educational journey.”

Mr. Cordie Qualle is an Industry Faculty Fellow in Civil Engineering. He earned the M.S. in Structural Engineering from Norwich QualleUniversity, and B.S. in Civil Engineering from Fresno State. He was previously with Blair Church and Flynn Consulting Engineers for 35 years. Mr. Qualle has worked on numerous water resources planning projects, hydrologic and hydraulic modeling of watersheds and hydraulic modeling of structures and channels.

“Being part of a student’s learning experience is a huge motivator for me. I look forward to being a part of helping students unlock their passion for engineering as they learn how to connect the dots between the problem and the engineered solution using the available materials, the physics of the system, the politics of the system, the regulation setting of the system, and things that they have not even thought of yet.”

El-RazoukDr. Hayssam El-Razouk is Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. He earned an M.S. and Ph.D. from University of Western Ontario, Canada. He previously worked at RedIron Technologies as a software engineer, and for one year as research scientist at IBM Canada. Dr. El-Razouk’s research interests include digital VLSI circuits design, defect tolerance in VLSI digital circuits, finite fields and cryptographic hardware, data compression, and pseudo random sequences.

“Specifically, Lyles College of Engineering is a well-established department offering a wonderful opportunity for achieving and fulfilling my career goals. I am looking forward to applying and building my teaching skills as well as advancing my research, while collaborating with other faculty and the talented students in our campus.”


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