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Dr. Youngwook Kim receives 2016 Claude C. Laval Jr. Award

Young Wook Kim, PHd

Young Wook Kim, Ph.D.

Dr. Youngwook Kim, electrical and computer engineering professor at Fresno State’s Lyles College of Engineering, was recently named recipient of the 2016 Claude C. Laval Jr. Award for Innovative Technology and Research for his proposal of “Hand Gesture Recognition using Multiple Antennas for Hand Held Devices.”

Dr. Kim was awarded $5,000 for his hand gesture recognition proposal, which would monitor hand and finger motions and be applied in human computer interfacing, virtual control, computer gaming and biomechanics research.

“The proposal uses the near field perturbation of an electrically small antenna for recognizing hand and finger gestures,” Kim says. “The near-filed perturbation by movement of hand changes the antenna impedance. By observing the pattern of antenna impedance, the hand gesture is classified. In particular, we use multiple antennas to capture fine motions of hands.”

Kim said that if the project is successful, it is expected that the hand and finger gesture of human could be recognized by multiple antennas embedded in a hand held device like cell phones and tablets. Controlling those devices would be possible without touching the touch screen.

“If simple operation is possible through hand gesture, that would be quite convenient for uses and it will be able to create new applications such as games using this input modality,” he explained.

Administered through the University Grants and Research Office, the Laval award was established in 1984 in honor of Mr. Claude C. Laval Jr., a long-time resident of Fresno and a productive inventor. The award has supported the development of innovative technology and related research at Fresno State. Funding is provided by a gift to the university from Mr. and Mrs. Claude C. Laval III.

For more information, contact Fresno State’s Grants and Research office.

Following receipt of the Laval award, Dr. Kim was recognized with the “Lyles College of Engineering Excellence in Research Award” for his accomplishments in research, presentations, publications, externally funded research, collaborations, and student mentoring.

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